We are fully dedicated to supporting the activities of artists and creators.

Collaborating closely with them, we strive to cultivate new values and perspectives.
By embracing technology, we strive to bring their imaginations to life and enhance the charm of their artworks to the fullest.

Artwork productions, Exhibitions, Workshops, Events etc.

We accompany artists in their creative endeavors, handling and supervising everything from artwork production to installation and maintenance.

Performing arts, Theatrical productions, etc.

As a bridge between theatrical expression and technology, we support the production and operation of a wide range of performance works.

What We Do

  • Artwork productions, Exhibitions, Workshops, Events etc.
    - Planning and production
    - Operation
    - Technical direction
    - Production management
    - Artist management
    - Coordination and management
    - Space design
    - Venue setup
    - Technical maintenance
    - Other technical requests after discussion with artists
  • Performing arts, Stage performance
    - Technical supervision
    - Stage management
    - Production management
    - Coordination and management
    - Stage design
    - Construction and installation of stage art
    - Other technical requests after discussion with artists
  • Research and development, planning, operation and maintenance of various artworks
  • System development
  • Providing video streaming setup and services for events, exhibitions, performances etc.
  • Management, operation and coordination for galleries, museums, art centers and other cultural facilities
  • Technical equipments
    - Planning, development and production of customized video, sound and other equipment for art.
    - Import/Export , sale, rental and leasing of video equipment, sound equipment etc.
    - Operation and maintenance of equipments
  • Research and development, planning, operation and maintenance of digital contents, hardware and software


Takuro IWATA
Technical Director
Born in 1982 in Yamaguchi, Iwata Takuro was a member of the YCAM InterLab R&D team at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media from when it first opened in 2003, where he was involved in the creation of numerous works in the performing arts and media art fields as an engineer, stage manager, and technical director. After a stint as the technical director of Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center SCARTS from 2018, he founded arsaffix Inc. in 2023. In his work, Iwata engages actively in creativity in collaboration with artists both in and outside Japan.
Yuya ITO
Technical Director, Technical Manager
Ito Yuya launched a theater company while still a theater student at Kindai University’s Faculty of Literature, Arts and Cultural Studies. He later studied at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, undertaking creative practice and research based on his performance activities. After graduating from IAMAS, he worked at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, and then as a technician at such venues as NTT InterCommunication Centre and Civic Creative Base Tokyo. Ito is active across various fields like media art, contemporary art, and theater/performance as an artist’s production assistant (specializing in programming and plastic arts), event operator, and stage manager. As a member of DrillBros, he also explores the relationship between moving image (film/video) and live performance.In 2023, he fouunded arsaffix Inc..
Yamada Chiho majored in Swahili at Osaka University of Foreign Studies. After graduating, she worked for a travel agency in Tanzania, East Africa, handling alternative tours like farm experience days and workshops with local artists as well as serving as a fixer for travel shows and documentaries. After her return to Japan, she worked as a coordinator and manager at public cultural institutions and venues like Tokyo Wonder Site, the Edo-Tokyo Museum, and Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media. In addition, Yamada undertook translating and presenting duties for Swahili broads on NHK World. She currently oversees management and coordination at arsaffix Inc..